We invite applicants to join the club in November and December of each year. The exact number of people that will be invited gets voted on and decided at a Club meeting.

All applicants must be sponsored by a Club member. Blank applications are kept in our clubhouse building and at Autumn Gunworks in Goshen, CT. Downloadable applications are available below. After joining, you can add a family membership.

The club offers:

  • Rifle range (currently being extended to 400 yards)
  • Pistol range
  • Falling plate pistol range
  • Action pistol range
  • Trap range
  • Two target archery ranges
  • 3D archery range with 30 targets
  • Fishing pond
  • Pheasant hunting on approximately 330 acres

Our Club event schedule is posted on the Club website under Events. All the events listed (except for pheasant hunting) are open to the public and you are welcome to come in and participate in any listed event. This is a great way to see the club and to meet new people. One of the club members could get you an application when you visit. Currently we shoot Trap every Sunday starting at 9:00 AM. Feel free to join in!

Dues are $100 annually. First year members also get charged a $250 property acquisition assessment. Membership applications must be accompanied with a $20 deposit (to be credited towards your property assessment). The total first year would be $330.00. Members are expected to donate 5 hours of work annually (1st year members are asked to do 10 hours.


Range Orientation/Safety Check
Your Membership credentials will be presented to you upon completion of a Range Orientation Safety Check during which you will be familiarized with our Ranges, Property, and Safe firearms handling & shooting protocols.

There is no substitute for Range Safety.
You will be presented with a copy of our Range Rules & Safety procedures. Read these thoroughly. You will be asked to commit to observing these protocols while at the Range.

Club Service/Work Time
Every member is required to perform some service/work time for the benefit of our club. During your first year of membership, you are expected to perform 10 hours of service/work time. You can do this in many ways…You can sign up for one of our many committees (Trap, Rifle, Pistol, Archery, etc). You can fulfill you service/work time by helping your committee with its activities and projects OR by participating in work parties which are scheduled for the first Saturday of every month and are announced in the newsletter. There is always something going on…just contact the committee chair for work to be done.
Service to the club is one of the best opportunities that you have for meeting other members, familiarizing yourself with our facilities, being a part of our growth, and fulfilling your service obligations. Failure to perform your 10 hours of service during your first membership year can result in your termination of membership. So…don’t wait until the last minute. Get involved now.

Log In/Out & The Work Log
In the clubhouse, there are two ‘Log’ books… the ‘Member/Guest Sign in/out Log’ and the ‘Work log’. Remember to sign in whenever you enter and leave the range…And…Remember to sign the Work Log whenever you have performed some work. It is the member’s responsibility to make sure that the work party chairman or a committee chair signs the Work Log verifying the work performed.

You are invited to visit our website for Notices, Range activities, and a special ‘Member’ link containing member specific information. The ‘Member’ password is the ‘gate combination number’ on your membership card.

All that being said…After I complete my Range Orientation Safety Check…
Can I shoot now and when can I shoot? Yes – but only during Range hours. Refer to the Range Rules found on the website and the Club Bulletin board for posted times.

Are there times when I can’t shoot? Yes; You may not shoot when a range (Rifle, Pistol, Archery or Trap) is ‘closed’. A range is ‘closed’ whenever a Club activity or Work Party is scheduled. You are encouraged to participate in every club event, but may not use a ‘closed’ range for personal use until the Club event is finished. The monthly newsletter and website contains a calendar of scheduled events.