NWCSA Membership

Since 1927, Northwestern Connecticut Sportsmen’s Association has been a gathering place for people to share their interest in shooting sports, conservation, and outdoor activities.

The following information provides an overview of the process, with answers to our most commonly asked questions. Current fees, dues and mailing instructions, are listed on the Membership Application – bottom of the page.


We ask that members be committed to the long-term success of the NWCSA, the enjoyment of Firearms, Shooting Sports and Natural Resource Conservation.

You must be prepared to support the club in its efforts to encourage, educate, and advance public awareness of safe, responsible Sportsmanship.


Each year, the NWCSA Board of Directors reviews total membership without concern for race, creed, gender or religious belief, to determine how many prospective members receive an invitation to join.

In keeping with our mission to introduce more women and youth to shooting sports, we especially encourage these applications.

Please note:

  • Prospective members require at least one current NWCSA Member in Good Standing to Sponsor membership
  • We strongly suggest submissions prior to October 31st to be included in our November/December member meetings



Receiving an invitation sets you on a direct path to membership. Read it thoroughly – it details important next steps.


Now you know the process to become a NWCSA Member. If you’re ready, simply download and complete your Membership Application.

Not sure?

Consider participating in NWCSA Public Events, where you can meet current members and see our Facilities.

We appreciate your interest!

Optional Applications for
Existing Regular Members