The NWCSA rifle range consists of an enclosed 20 port range building with roll up doors opening onto an approximately 200 yard range. Shooting benches are located under cover in the lighted building. There is a 7 foot concrete apron outside the roofed part of the structure for prone shooting. Target rails are located every 25 yards from 25 to 100 yards; beyond that every 50 yds.

The rifle range has a range-safety system which consists of several flashing/rotating amber beacon lights and a warning bell which are activated by shooters on the line or the Range Safety Officer to initiate a “cold range” condition.

Events held at the rifle range include:

  • Metal silhouette cast-lead bullet rifle matches
  • Centerfire rifle benchrest matches
  • .22 rimfire 50 yard benchrest matches
  • Lever action rifle silhouette matches
  • Long-range buffalo silhouette and Quigley-bucket silhouette matches
  • Schuetzen rifle matches
  • Junior marksmanship rifle shooting training seminars
  • Appleseed rifle training seminars


ALL SHOOTERS must be familiar with AND follow:

  1. General Rules & Safety – opens new tab with NWCSA Rules & Safety page
  2. Specific Rifle Range Rules – opens a PDF document