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Established in 1927, the NWCSA is one of Connecticut’s oldest sportsmen’s associations. Located in beautiful Colebrook, Connecticut, on Route 44 across from the Rock Pile Driving Range.

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3D Archery Targets


Targets for sale(whole or parts), best offer.

Please contact Tracie 860-483-0169 or gigi6523@gmail.com 


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December 2022

Sportswoman Brittany

  Meet Brittany, she won the Saquatch 50/50, 65 yrd shot. Brittany started fishing at a very early age. She has spinning, fly fishing and salt water gear. At the same time she was accompanying her dad as he set up tree stands, roosted turkeys and eventually when...

25 Yard Pistol Match

2022 Banquet

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