In 1927

The first electronic TV image was transmitted, the Harlem Globetrotters took to the road for the first time, and the Great Mississippi Flood was the largest in American history.

And, in Colebrook Connecticut, the Northwestern Connecticut Sportsmen’s Association was established on the principle that hunting and shooting sports is an integral part of wildlife and forestry conservation.

NWCSA logo

Over its 96 year history, elected Officers and Board of Directors, appointed Committee Chairs, and countless member volunteers, remained dedicated to this founding belief, and in the process, transformed the NWCSA into one of Connecticut’s Premiere Sporting Clubs.

As it crosses a century of operations, the NWCSA will continue to facilitate the promotion and growth of hunting and shooting sports for future generations, where its members are widely recognized as premiere conservation contributors.

The NWCSA believes in the values of good citizenship.

Its members are involved in a wide range of efforts, providing insight and expertise via online resources, and outside associations to ensure support for and active participation in hunting, conservation, and shooting sports, for future generations.

With the support of organizations from across the country, the NWCSA hosts a large calendar of Events, to share legislative concerns, to cultivate women’s and youth programs, to educate the public on safe firearms ownership, and to conservation.

Contact info:

Northwestern Connecticut Sportsmen’s Association (NWCSA)
177 Winsted Norfolk Road
Colebrook, CT 06098

P: 860-738-2582

NWCSA Initiatives

Club members and officers are very interested in improving the diversity and quality of the wildlife habitat on the property and endeavor to continue this process into the future.

NWCSA recently acquired an additional 108 acres of land that abuts existing holdings; this gives us a bit over 312 acres of contiguous holdings. 183 acres have been purchased since November of 2016.

We are currently in the process of having our Forester survey the 108 acres to allow us to complete and submit the PA 490 Form to have our newest acquisition designated as forest land. Once the survey is complete we will start putting together an updated conservation plan to cover all holdings. Form to have our newest acquisition designated as forest land. Once the survey is complete we will start putting together an updated conservation plan to cover all holdings.

We anticipate walking the property soon with someone from the DEEP and USDA. Both will be excellent resources in the development of our conservation plan.

At present we are re-cutting an area known as Wilson’s Field, this was originally clear cut about ten years ago to create habitat for New England Cottontail Rabbits. The NEC have all but disappeared from New England due to habitat loss. We are trying to tackle invasive plant species, such as autumn olive, phragmites, bittersweet and multiflora rose, to name a few.

As the new plan comes together we will provide updates here.

Our total club owns over 300 acres and has access to another 100 acres for a total of 400 acres of land available for hunting. There has been much interest in increasing the opportunities for hunting by our members. It is imperative that safety comes first at all times. This info sheet will explain the different types of hunting allowed on club property and in what certain areas that type of hunting is allowed.

There will be a onetime only new property / hunting orientation for anyone who wants to hunt. For new members this will happen when they go through their initial safety check & orientation. This is to familiarize all hunters with the safe & no hunting zones on the newly acquired & existing land. Any member that wants to go through the safety check must make arrangements with one of the club safety officers.

Northwestern CT Sportsman’s Association promotes marksmanship through numerous public events and programs
The NWCSA encourages and promotes the enactments of laws and regulations for the conservation and preservation of fishing, hunting, natural resources, the safe firearm ownership/use, and shooting sports

Our Legislative Committee monitors relevant legislation at local, state and federal levels and communicates with the membership to support and enforce laws.