The new Target Archery Field is coming together nicely over on Flagg Hill Road.   It has been a huge team effort.  As of this past weekend, May 21st, the four 20 yard stands are installed with the new 4×4 foot target butts.  This will allow for up to 8 archers to shoot at the same time.  The 30 and 40 yard targets and stands are also installed.  The 50 and 60 yards targets will be done in the next week as well as the 50 and 70 meter olympic recurve/compound targets. We discovered that the shooting line was a little low for the 20 yard targets so we are working on that this week as well.  Once all the targets are installed we will make yardage marker signs for each target stand.

Today, we spoke to Halls Arrow archery center in Manchester, CT and we shared photos of what the field is looking like so far, and they told us that there are not many clubs in the state that put a lot effort into target archery and they were super impressed with how it was coming.  They are excited to see that we will have a professional and competitive range in the NW corner of CT which has been our goal since we started planning this several months ago.

We are also preparing the 3D course to get ready for our first 3D event for the season on Sunday, June 4th.  We will be in need of as many volunteers as we can get on Saturday, June 3rd for help getting everything setup.  Please email Tracie at [email protected] if you are able to help