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Long range shooting with centerfire rifles at steel plate silhouettes of a Buffalo and a “Quigley Bucket” at 200 yards. The silhouettes are suspended in a heavy metal frame with heavy chains. There is a sensing system attached to the target that detects when the target is hit by a bullet and flashes a strobe light which can be seen back at the firing line.

Two classes of rifles are used: Scoped Rifle and Iron Sight Rifle. Action types are: exposed hammer, single shot rifles (Sharps, Winchester hiwalls, Remington rolling blocks); bolt action sporting or military rifles; lever action rifles. Calibers are minimum of 6.5 mm, with common ones being 6.5 x 55 Swedish, .308 Winchester, .30-06 Springfield, and the old blackpowder calibers like .38-55, .40-65, .45-70, .45-90. Bullets must be Cast LEAD only, no jacketed or half jacket bullets. Powder can be smokeless or blackpowder.

Ranges are – 200 yard open sight, 240 yards for scope.

The Buffalo silhouette match is shot first. The Buffalo is about 4 ft long and 2 ft tall. Competitors are given unlimited sighter shots, either from the bench or standing, to verify windage and elevation.

After the sighters, the shots for record commence, all from the offhand or standing position.

Each competitor comes to the line, and for the first elimination gets 3 shots maximum to hit the silhouette target. If he/she hits the target in 3 tries or less, they continue to the next elimination. If they do not hit the target in the first 3 shots, they are disqualified and are out.

Next, the remaining shooters get a maximum of 2 shots to hit the target. If they hit the target they move on, otherwise they are out.

Finally, the last remaining shooters are allowed a maximum of one shot to hit the target. If they hit it, they move on to the next elimination and the last person to hit the target with a single shot WINS. There is one winner in the Scoped Rifle category and one winner in the Iron Sight category.

After the Buffalo Match, that metal silhouette is taken down and replaced by the Quigley Bucket target. This match follows the same course of fire. The ‘bucket’ is an almost-square piece of steel plate about 18” wide and 20” high, hanging from chains in the same metal frame.

Starts out at 3 shots and down to last shooters at 1 shot each until there is only 1 winner.

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