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Outlaw Match results do not count towards IDPA shooter standings 

Course of Fire

This is a 4-stage match, using IDPA safety and scoring rules.

The first and second stages will be IDPA stages, following all IDPA rules. The third and fourth stages will use IDPA scoring and equipment rules, concealment garment not required. The shooting will be more freestyle, you decide how you’re shooting the stage. Most engagement will be in the open with no priority on targets. You will be limited to 10 round magazines, but you will not be limited to the number of them you carry. The round count might be as high as 25 on these stages. You will be allowed to drop ammo and reload in the open.

Ever wish you could have a do over? On Wednesday nights you can!  At the beginning of the match each shooter will be given one poker chip. During the match if you have a stage that goes badly you may buy a reshoot with this poker chip. The score you shoot will override the first score (better or worse).  Reshoots will be done after all other shooters in that squad have completed the stage. You only get One Poker Chip so ONLY ONE reshoot per match.

Safety brief, pledge, and first stage walk throughs begins 5:45PM. Please arrive at least 30 minutes before start time to register and gear up!

Note: Participants help in tearing down and storing of props will be greatly appreciated.


Pre-requisite: Yes – AP Orientation (see below)
Participant Limit: Yes
Payment: all participants must pre-register with full payment via Practiscore.

All participants are required to complete the NWCSA Action Pistol Orientation before shooting their first club event. It’s a Free, 2-3 hour workshop that covers everything you need to know for your first match.
Contact the AP Committee to learn more.

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