Hosted by Connecticut State Rifle & Revolver Association

Specter Tactical logoSpecter Tactical (Military & Law Enforcement Training) presents Tactical Psychology for the Armed Citizen**, a four-hour interactive lecture and workshop.

This program introduces the world of the combat mindset so that you can realistically apply it to your self-defense tactics and training. The class will guide you in how you practice, plan, understand and manage your performance under the stress of high-risk incidents. For most armed citizens this is a critical missing link in your personal protection plan. The content of this lecture is centered around violence and how we function psychologically in that aspect that, for 99% of us, is very rare in our daily lives. This clinic will give you the mental material to make you a more viable protector of yourself and others.

Topics include:

  • Modern Psychology and its limitations
  • Psychology in the tactical universe
  • Blind-spots in the modern CCW community
  • Stress Science (types, stress reactions, sensory distortions, mitigation techniques)
  • Pain control techniques
  • Combat psychology
  • Training strategies to develop desired mindsets
  • Mental models (hardwired thinking patterns)
  • The criminal mind
  • Group dynamics and dangers
  • Social media, entertainment and the changing social landscape

**WARNING – due to the nature of the topic, there will be considerable unpleasant and disturbing content including ‘dark’ and potentially revolting topics.

Event Details

This workshop requires a minimum of 25 attendees.

Contact: David Hyatt
Cost: $75 (lunch included, cash at the door preferred)
Date: Sunday July 23, 2023
Time: 10AM to 2PM
Location: Harmony Masonic Lodge N0.42 – Waterbury, CT
Registration: Event Link

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