Work Parties

Work parties are usually on the first Saturday of each month (weather permitting, see newsletter for announcements).  Some ranges may be closed during the work parties unless otherwise noted. Range closures announcements will be put on club info line (860-738-CLUB).

  • BEFORE any work is done, members need to check with a committee chair.
  • Members are required to not only sign in to the “sign-in” log book, but also make sure that their time is written in the “work log” in the club house. Make sure to write down description of work being done as well as work hours completed. The committee chair in charge will sign off on the hours once the work is completed. If a member does not put their time in the work log the hours can’t be recorded.
  • It is the member’s responsibility to notify the committee chair signs off on their work hours.
  • New members are required to put in the Mandatory 10 hours of work time by August 31st. No exceptions. In the following years members need only put in 5 hours of work time or pay a $75 work penalty.

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