Jr. Turkey Hunt Success

This past Saturday was the first day of the Jr. Turkey Hunt in the state of Connecticut. Ben and I went out as we have for the past three years. We scouted the area before hand so we knew there were turkeys in the area. Our decoys were set and ready to go a little after 5 am. Gobblers started waking up all around us at 5:30 am. They gobbled for about an hour before they started moving. We had several hens moving through our decoy set, but no Tom’s. Just before 8:30 am we had two birds move out into view above us, about 70 yards away. A little hen call got them interested to look our way, they started a slow strut over. Then we used the gobbler call, these two birds came in running. It wasn’t until they were about 40 yards out that we could tell they were both Tom’s. As they headed towards the Jake decoy at a good pace, Ben took his first shot at the larger Tom at 20 yards once he started gobbling. He waited until he knew it was down before he got a bead on the second Tom. In less than 30 seconds he had two Tom’s laying in front of us. The precision and speed at which he did this was that of a seasoned hunter, that was only 14 years old. Its a moment like this that makes a father proud. But it was even better to be Ben Andersen that morning.

Both Tom’s had 8-1/2″ beards and 1″ spurs. The larger bird was 17-1/2 lbs and the other a little over 16 lbs.

Ben finished the day off by catching five trout that afternoon. Damn good day to be Ben Andersen.

Best regards,
Mark Andersen