The 8th Annual Jack Perretti Memorial “Wipe your Eye” Shoot

Saturday August 10th start at 9am sharp

All shooters are reminded that you need to get to the range by 8:30am so we can do team pairings all at the same time. Shooters arriving late will screw up pairings.

  • This competition is shot by teams of two shooters on each pad.The primary shooter takes the first shot. If he misses the second shooter follows up with a second shot (wipe your eye).
  • We will be shooting 50 shots at 16 yards then move back to 24 yards for 50 more shots.
  • Teams will be picked by random.
  • Pairings will be done with one high average shooter and one low average shooter on each team. The winning team's name will go on the trophy cup.
    Cost for entry is $15 per person. Cost of rounds is included in entry.

    Please arrive by 8:30am at the latest. We will start at 9am