Report from Appleseed Event April 27-28, 2019

We had a great group attend the anniversary event at NWCSA in Colebrook this past weekend. Several new shooters were in attendance and along with a few repeat attenders, it all made for a satisfying and safe event.

Saturday started, well, cold. And it varied considerably throughout the day between sleet, snow and later sunny skies. NW Ct has it's own weather system, you really don't know what it can bring. The fundamentals and positions were taught, interspersed with "the story". After getting the line ready for and firing the volley we finished the day with an AQT and redcoat.

Sunday was cold and wet, and unfortunately a few were unable to return. But those who did got a healthy dose of drills, instruction and range time for their persistence. Before the day wound down we had the shooters shoot KD, rimfires to 100 yds and CF to 175.

On both days some very good improvements were seen in the afternoon redcoat counts. Although no rifleman scores were fired, a few notables will be listed.

Bob, 1st time attendee, shot a 199 on Saturday, with a tube fed bolt. A 199 with SEVEN saved rounds! No doubt that a few more AQT's would have gotten him past the breakpoint. Campbell shot a 195, closing in on the 210 score. Matt also did well, firing a 175 on Sunday. Others showed some nice gains for their efforts.

Our Junior shooters were recognized, Ella and Matt. It was great to have them spend part of their weekend away from the comforts of home, hope they can return in the future.

A big thanks goes to those who attended. Even with the weather as it were many hung tough thru both days. It's not easy when you live 30 miles away and have the temps 20* less than when you left home.

The IT crew of CAANY, Scout74 and Parallax did their usual best, bringing extra gear, sharing their knowledge and running things at a drink from a firehose pace. Thanks you much for your perseverance.

We thank the Northwestern Ct Sportsman's Assn for the use of their club and range. NWCSA has been a strong supporter of Appleseed and we are very appreciative of their loan of the facilities.

As always, a Rifleman persists.


Tom Cesniu