NWCSA COVID-19 Strategy 27 March 2019

NWCSA COVID-19 Strategy

Revised 27 March 2019

In order to reduce the risk of spreading the current pandemic, NWCSA is implementing the following policies and procedures that will be in effect until further notice. Our plan is to keep the facilities (NWCSA’s owned 312 acres of improved land in Colebrook and Norfolk) open for use by Members, their guests and sponsored Applicants subject to restrictions and limitations imposed by Government. As NWCSA is not a business and does not have employees, the limitations imposed are based on social gatherings. In addition, recommendations of CDC will be considered and implemented as applicable.

  • Members, Guests of Members and Sponsored Applicants are responsible to decide if the risks associated entering and using facilities are acceptable to their personal tolerance and if not, they shall not enter the property. The fact that a person does not display symptoms is not an absolute indication that they do not have the disease and must be considered when making the decision to enter NWCSA property or be around other people.
  • All persons entering NWCSA property shall remain vigilant, clear of other persons by social distancing recommendations (currently 6’) inside and outside of buildings.
  • Persons that are ill or have compromised health resulting in increased susceptibility to coronavirus shall not enter the property. If uncertain about susceptibility, please consult a physician. Signs of illness include, but are not limited to, fever, not feeling well, loss of taste and smell senses, headache, body ache, dry cough and other symptoms that can be found on the CDC and State websites.
  • No groups of people can exceed the limitations of the Authorities having Jurisdiction (currently 5 per Governor Lamont’s Executive Order 7N). In addition, not more than 5 persons will be permitted at one time inside of any NWSCA building unless physical separations exist to permit limiting separated areas to a maximum of 5 persons per area. In events with more than 5 participants, the participants will be divided into groups not exceeding 5 persons and said groups will be separated by physical barriers or open air distances of at least 25’.
  • Persons using the facilities shall measure and record their current forehead temperature with the non-contact thermometer by the sign-in book. They shall also permit range officers and NWCSA designated persons to check their forehead temperatures with non-contact thermometers. All persons indicating elevated temperatures shall immediately leave NWCSA property.
  • All persons on NWCSA property must practice safe hygiene and are responsible to bring wipes and sanitizer for their personal use. As there are no plumbing facilities this is extremely important. Particular care must be taken when touching all surfaces (starting with the gate keypad), using toilet facilities, operating equipment, using tools, furniture, etc.
  • All persons on NWCSA property are responsible to decide on the need for PPE such as facemasks and gloves. If required, they shall be provided by the user.
  • Non-Members who are not Guests of Members in good standing or Sponsored Applicants are not permitted on NWCSA property except for non-member service providers such as delivery truck drivers, snowplow operators, port-o-let servicers and similar persons.
  • Members and their guests are expected to use the sign-in book and display name and guest badges while on NWCSA property.
  • Members are expected to notify the Officers and Directors of any persons not in compliance with these guidelines through the use of an incident report.
  • As By-Law requirements for a quorum require more than 5 persons, Membership Meetings scheduled for March 2020 and April 2020 are cancelled. In the event that the restriction on maximum group sizes is removed on 1 May per the Governor’s most recent executive order, the April 2020 Membership Meeting will be held on 4 May 2020
  • The Officers and Directors welcome feedback on these policies/procedures and will modify as appropriate based on that input in addition legal requirements and experience gained from progression of the pandemic.