Action Pistol Pit #2 Nearing Completion

Thanks to a design by Tom Andersen, machine operation by Will Hill, and lots of club volunteers, we are close to having our second action pistol pit ready.

Construction started early this year with blasting followed by manually moving rocks during the hot summer months (could have planned that better). Finally the weather cooled and we poured a concrete foundation then started stacking mafia blocks. About 150 blocks were stacked to form two 14ft high walls along  existing pit. Unfortunately, we had a machine breakdown so the final task of forming berms along base of walls will have to wait a bit. The hope is that all work completed in time for the start of IDPA in April 2020.

Having two pits will be a big plus for our IDPA program as we can now run two squads simultaneously. This means more shooting in less time which tends to make for happy participants.