Revised 25 May 2021



Effective immediately, NWCSA’s prior COVID-19 Strategy rules and requirements are no longer in effect due to the relaxed Connecticut DOH and Federal CDC regulations, orders and guidelines.

Current requirements for entry into and use of the NWCSA site and facilities are compliance with current CTDOH and USCDC guidelines, requirements and orders related to managing the risks associated with the COVID-19 Virus. Current use of masks and social distancing rules vary with vaccination status and NWCSA does not monitor individual vaccine status.

All persons entering NWCSA property are responsible to decide if the risks associated entering and using facilities are acceptable to their personal tolerance, and if not acceptable, shall not enter the property.

We no longer require temperature checking at sign-in but will continue to make that facility available on a voluntary basis.

Please remain vigilant, do not enter the site if there is any possibility that you are carrying COVID-19 (or any other communicable disease).

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