Our pond is stocked for our member’s every spring with approx. 250 trout. We stock the pond a couple of days prior to Connecticut’s open season. Members are asked to wait until opening day to start fishing.

Weekly limit is 5 fish per member. Guest’s catch is included in member’s weekly total. If you are practicing “catch and release”, please do not release fish that are deeply hooked. Do not “catch and release” more than your weekly limit. Fish that are deeply hooked should be kept and counted in your weekly limit.

Please note that we have Grass Carp stocked in the pond to keep the weeds down. If you happen to catch one, please release unharmed back into pond.

We host our annual Kid’s Fishing Derby in mid- May at our association’s pond. We stock the pond a couple of days prior to the Derby. Members are asked not to fish 2 days prior to the Kid’s derby. The Derby is open to any member’s children and their guest children. Adults are allow to help, but must let the kids land their own fish. No fishing by adults during the Derby! There will be prizes awarded to largest fish caught. Food and beverage will be free for kids.

All firearms ranges will be closed from 9am until noon for the derby.