Warm Season Grass Field Habitat Project

The objective of this project is to create an additional 4 acres of warm season grass field habitat on the NWCSA (“club”) property. The club owns a total of approximately 138 acres, of which about 78 acres is mature upland forest. The remainder is comprised of about 30 acres of shrub swamp, 10 acres of facilities / ranges, and about 10 acres of old field / early successional habitat. (A similar habitat project that clear cut 6 acres for early successional habitat was implemented in 2006).
Club members and officers are very interested in improving the diversity and quality of the wildlife habitat on the property, and endeavor to continue this process into the future. The long-term goal of the club is to create a patch work of various forest age classes and habitats on the property. This will result in a large quantity of “edge” habitat throughout, and hopefully support a large quantity and variety of both game and non-game wildlife. Of particular interest is the creation of good habitat for native gamebirds, especially ruffed grouse and woodcock, both of which have declined in past decades in Connecticut due to the loss of quality habitat.
Additionally, the club strives to publicize such projects to other landowners and elected officials as an example of good forest and wildlife stewardship, and to demonstrate the effectiveness of habitat improvement cost-share programs, such as WHIP. For example, in the Fall of 2007, invitations were extended to state legislators to take part in a “field day” on club property that highlighted the recent habitat improvement project and the importance of political support of such programs.
Please refer to the attached topographic map, which shows the project area highlighted in yellow cross-hatch. The area is adjacent to the trap range on the property, which is maintained as a grass field and enhanced with brush piles for small mammal and bird habitat. Feel free to contact me or club officials if additional information is needed about this project.