Conservation & Forestry

The Northwestern CT Sportsmen’s Association is dedicated to promoting conservation and habitat in Connecticut.

Here is an excerpt form our by-laws:

“The objectives of the Association are: To advance the protection, propagation, and conservation of fish, game, and other wildlife in the State and Nation; to support the enforcement of laws pertaining to fish, game, wildlife, and natural resources; to encourage and promote the enactment of laws and regulations for the conservation and preservation of fish, game, and other natural resources; to prevent the destruction of property and natural resources; to interest, educate, and train the public in conservation, fishing, hunting, the safe use of firearms, and in the shooting sports; to promote good relations between sportsmen, landowners, and the general public; and to protect the second amendment rights of all citizens.”
Since the founding of our organization in 1927, we have continued this tradition and will do so into the future for the benefit all.
Club members and officers are very interested in improving the diversity and quality of the wildlife habitat on the property and endeavor to continue this process into the future.

Below are links to some work that has been done recently.
Wood Duck Boxes
The warm season grass field habitat.
The early successional habitat.
The field Coverts legislative walkthrough.

  • This is a deer
  • This is a barn
  • This is a skull
  • This is a dog