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Northwestern Connecticut Sportsmen’s Association

NWCSA is a private Club with elected Officers and a Board of Directors. The club is run in accordance with club bylaws and Robert’s Rules of Order. Committee Chairmen are appointed and are responsible for specific items of Club operation. The Club has monthly meetings where the members review and approve Secretary, Treasurer, and Committee Chairmen’s reports. Old and New business is discussed, and motions presented. Club members vote to approve or disapprove these items. Only Regular and Life members have voting rights. The maximum number of Regular members is decided annually.

Club Facilities
  • 50-yard pistol range with enclosed shooting positions
  • 30-yard metal plate pistol range with enclosed shooting positions
  • 250-yard rifle range with sheltered shooting positions
  • ATA Certified trap range with an enclosed warming shed
  • Archery range with a shooting tower
  • Action pistol range hosting IDPA matches twice per month April-October
  • 30 target walk-through archery course with bag targets
  • Fishing pond stocked every year
  • Pheasant hunting every fall with stocked birds
  • General hunting on 300 acres + of Club property
  • General hunting on adjoining property
Member Responsibilities
  • New members (first year of membership) must complete 10 hours of approved work time by 31 August.
  • Second year and older members must complete 5 hours of approved work time.
  • New members must complete a Safety Check orientation and walk-through within 60 days of being voted into the Club.
  • New members have a 90-day probation period beginning on completion of the Safety Check orientation.
  • During the 90-day probation period the new member may not sponsor any Guests.
  • The Clubhouse and gate have a push-button lock. The combination is changed annually and is on your membership card Members and Guests must sign in and out of the sign-in log.
  • All Regular and Life Club members must have current NRA membership.
  • Members are responsible to know, follow and enforce all Range Safety rules.
Club Rules
  • Members and guests are required to sign in and out of club grounds at the club-house
  • Record date, name, activity, time in and out
  • Members and Guests should wear badges while on Club property
  • Members are allowed 2 guests per visit
  • Non-members are allowed twice a year as guest of member. This does not include events open to the public
  • Firearm shooting hours on all ranges begin at 9:00AM until sunset
  • All persons carrying handguns onto Club property must have a valid Connecticut Pistol Permit
  • All injuries that occur on Club property must be reported to a Club Officer or Range Officer
  • Safety violations, unsafe practices or safety hazards must be reported to a Club Officer
  • Alcoholic beverages or controlled substances may not be consumed while on Club property
  • A Club member may bring up to 2 guests on Club property at a time. Members must remain with their guests and are responsible for their conduct
General Information


  • Notices and general information is posted on the Club’s Bulletin Board in the clubhouse
  • Club information notes are e-mailed to all members approximately monthly
  • Club meetings are held at 7:00PM on the last Monday of each month at the clubhouse
  • The Club’s website is www.nwcsa.org
  • A list of Club Officers and Committee Chairmen is posted in the clubhouse
  • Ranges open at 9:00 AM and close at dusk



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