2016 Late December Info Note

  1. Our next Club meeting will be held at 7:00 PM on Monday 26 December.  Applicants have been to arrive by 6:15 PM so that voting them into the club can happen at the start of the meeting.
  1. We completed the land purchase.  The property is 74 acres and connects to the Club property along the upper trap field.  A map of this new area and a consolidated property map are posted in the club house.  A pdf file of the new property and of the consolidated property is available to club members on request.  Hunting on the new property has been productive.
  1. We have a work party scheduled for Saturday 7 January.  If weather permits, we will recover logs from the upper trap field and bring them down to where they can be cut up for firewood.
  1. We are shooting trap every Sunday beginning at 9:00 AM.  Our winter league starts in January.  Some new rules will be adopted for this shoot so that everyone gets to shoot similar targets.  This will be discussed at our next Sunday shoot (yes we will shoot on 25 December).
  1. The rifle range is currently open during week days and open on weekends.  On weekdays it is possible that some gravel will be trucked out from the end of the range on short notice.  If a triaxle truck shows up, please make the range safe to allow the truck to be loaded.  This usually gets completed within 30 minutes.

To get the latest information on rifle range availability, call the Club phone or sign up for the “rainedout” text message service.  Signing up for the rainedout service is easy.  To subscribe to the text message notification service, please go to:


To register you simply plug in your cell phone number or email address and they send a verification number to your phone or computer which you type and begin receiving notifications. If you lose the above link, you can go directly to http://www.rainedout.com, search Northwestern Connecticut Sportsman’s Association under Hunting and register there.

  1. When the rifle range is closed for rock removal work during weekdays, the pistol range will be available for .22 rim fire rifle, and pistol caliber rifle shooting.  We will make every effort to have the rifle range open as often as possible.
  1. Several club members have become involved with Project Healing Waters.  This program is open to veterans who have any level of disability. Project Healing Waters (www.phwff.org) teaches disabled veterans about fly-fishing. This free program not only teaches fly-fishing but also tying flies, making rods, safe wading practices, and takes veterans on fly-fishing trips. If you’re a veteran, and you’d like to join the program, either as a volunteer or as a participant, you can contact ken at ken.ludwig@projecthealingwaters.org.