2016 Late August Info Update

A few items of interest to Club members and associates:

1.       Our next Club meeting will be held at 7:00 PM on 29 August.  Elections will be held for Club Officers and for two Board of Directors openings.  If any Club member is interested in filling *any*one of these posts, please contact Jason Marshall to get your name on the list!

2.       We have negotiated a land purchase.  Details of this purchase will be presented during the 29 August meeting for the members to review and vote on.  A letter that discusses this matter has been sent out to all voting members.

3.       Membership renewals will be sent out on 1 September. Regular and new members have until 31 August to complete work hours for this year.  Life, Junior, Military and Special members do not have required work time.  Renewal forms for Life members were sent out 2 weeks ago.

4.       We have a work party scheduled for Saturday 3 September.

5.       The Club Championship shoot is Sunday, September 11th 2016.

a.       Combined archery, handgun, rifle and shotgun competition.

b.       You can drop your lowest score or choose not to participate in one of the disciplines.

c.       The highest combined score wins bragging rights and their name on the trophy.

d.       Archery competition starts at 8am sharp at the archery practice range

e.       10 arrow shots at varying distances (possible score 100),

f.        10 handgun shots (standing) at 25 yards (100 possible score),

g.       10 rifle shots (standing, sitting or kneeling) at 100yards (possible score of 100),

h.       50 shotgun shots at the trap range at 16 yards (2 points per shot for a possible score of 100)

i.         Use of spotting scopes, range finders wind flags, etc. are not allowed

j.         Test your skills against other club members to become the best all-around shooters in all four disciplines.

k.       For info call Harris Daigle at (860) 482-1253


6.       The rifle range is currently closed during week days and open on weekends.  To get the latest information on rifle range availability, call the Club phone or sign up for the “rainedout” text message service.  Signing up for the rainedout service is easy.  To subscribe to the text message notification service, please go to:

https://www.rainedout.net/ team_page.php?a= 11dc2a7656fd50e06264

To register you simply plug in your cell phone number or email address and they send a verification number to your phone or computer which you type and begin receiving notifications. If you lose the above link, you can go directly to http://www.rainedout.com, search Northwestern Connecticut Sportsman’s Association under Hunting and register there.

7.       We have firewood available for sale to Club members and associates.  Cost it $125.00 per cord.  The firewood is in two locations.  The Flagg Hill archery range (split last summer) and outside the club house (split this summer).

8.       When the rifle range is closed for rock crushing work during weekdays, the pistol range will be available for .22 rim fire rifle, and pistol caliber rifle shooting.  We will make every effort to have the rifle range open on weekends and holidays.

9.       This year we will be having a Sportsman’s Tag Sale at the Club on the rifle range.  The date is Saturday 10 September.  Times will be 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM.


Lou Braun