2016 Late June Info Note

  1. If any Club member brings guests to use the Rifle or Pistol range, remember that it is necessary to go over the Range Rules for that particular range before doing any shooting.
  1. We have a work party scheduled for this Saturday (July 2nd).
  1. August 31st is the last day to get in any work hours for this year.  This is particularly important for the New Members who joined this year since 10 hours of work is required to maintain membership.  When the 10 hours of work time is completed, the New member becomes a Regular member.
  1. Elections for Club Officers and Board of Directors will occur at our August meeting (Monday 29 August).  If any Club member is interested in filling one of these posts, please contact Jason Marshall to get your name on the list!
  1. The rifle range is currently open during weekdays until the rock crusher gets moved in.  To get the latest information on rifle range availability, call the Club phone or sign up for the “rainedout” text message service.  Signing up for the rainedout service is easy.  To subscribe to the text message notification service, please go to:


To register you simply plug in your cell phone number or email address and they send a verification number to your phone or computer which you type and begin receiving notifications. If you lose the above link, you can go directly to http://www.rainedout.com, search Northwestern Connecticut Sportsman’s Association under Hunting and register there.

  1. As previously discussed at the last two Club meetings, we are considering a land purchase.  When (and if) we get solid facts and pricing, the intention is to have a special club meeting where this will be presented to the membership for discussion and a vote.
  1. Trap Shooting is held every Wednesday afternoon beginning around 4:30 PM and every Sunday morning beginning at 9:00 AM.  These events are open to the public.
  1. When the rifle range is closed for rock crushing work during weekdays, the pistol range will be available for .22 rimfire rifle, and pistol caliber rifle shooting.  We will make every effort to have the rifle range open on weekends and holidays.