2016 May 5th Blasting Updates

Hello NWCSA Members,

As many of you are aware,  blasting is underway on our RR (rifle range) expansion project and unfortunately at times this will mean that some or all of the facilities at the Club will be closed for obvious safety reasons. In general the plan is to work on the RR on weekdays during normal working hours and make  the other ranges available except when explosives are being placed and detonated (on those days the Club will be closed). Our hope is to keep the RR available on weekends (there will likely be times when that is not possible).

As the operations at the Club will be affected by things like weather, varying subsurface conditions, mechanical problems, etc. we are implementing a notification system to keep Members apprised of range status. The system we are working with is called Rained Out and it is utilized by groups like soccer teams to advise players when a game is cancelled due to rain. In order to receive notifications you will have to go online to register your cell phone number or email address (or both) after which you will receive notifications such as “the Club Property is closed to all activity on  19 April 2016 from 9:00AM to 3:00PM due to Blasting” and perhaps if things go better than expected, a message at noon on that day “Today’s blasting activities were completed in less time than anticipated, ranges are now open and available”. It is conceivable that this system will have value after the range expansion is complete to keep our members apprised of events, cancellations etc. and my hope is that our committee Chairs and Event volunteers will take advantage of this service. While some of our members do not use email or text messaging perhaps they can work with a friend or relative who can receive messages for them and keep them advised.

In order to subscribe to this free notification service, please go to:


To register you simply plug in your cell phone number or email address and they send a verification number to your phone or computer which you type and begin receiving notifications. The system has the ability to be broken into groups (such as Archery, Trap, AP, Rifle, Pistol, Fishing, etc. and we can take advantage of additional features as we become familiar with the system. I have distributed information to Officers, Directors and Chairmen on how to post messages. If you require an update broadcast for a Club event they should be able to help. If you lose the above link, you can go directly to http://www.rainedout.com , search Northwestern Connecticut Sportsman’s Association under Hunting and register there.

As we struggle through the inconveniences presenting themselves during the RR expansion we must remind ourselves of the old mantra “short term pain for long term gain”. Please feel free to suggest ways to make it less painful to get through this process.

Tom Andersen
President, NWCSA

PS: FYI, When I first set my cell phone up on Rained Out I had difficulty receiving messages which was quickly corrected by contacting my carrier who for some reason had “short code” disabled on my account.