2016 Late April Update – Rifle Range Work

Blasting and rock removal from the end of the Rifle Range has started.  The impact of  this project is:

  1. RR is temporarily closed while blasting and rock crushing operations are set up.
  2. Hunting on club land, and ALL club access will be restricted when actual rock blasting is in progress.  The Club phone (860-738-2582) will have current info and the blasters will post the RR area when blasting.
  3. Updated RR information will be on the Club phone; range status will be updated weekly.
  4. The Pistol range may be used for all pistols, .22 rim fire rifles and pistol caliber rifles while RR work is in progress.
  5. The Trap range will be open for trap shooting.

Please call the Club phone (860) 738-CLUB for day-to-day range availability information.