Mid September 2015 Info Items

1)      The Pistol Range is open for use.  A new backstop and bullet containment system was installed and completed early this week.  This project came in well under the authorized budget.

2)      Membership renewal invoices were sent out to all Regular, Life, Junior, Special and Military members.  These are due back by the end of the month.  Renewals sent after 10/1 require a late fee.   If you did not receive an invoice, please reply by e-mail!

3)      Work on the Trap Range is in progress.  We encountered ledge which precluded installation of the concrete pads in a manner that would last (which is why we are replacing them now).  An alternate rock removal method utilized elsewhere on site previously proved unsuccessful after many hours of labor and rather than keep the trap range out of service waiting for a vote at the next membership meeting the O&D have decided to move ahead with this additional work. If any members have concern, we will arrange a site visit to discuss.

4)      We spent lots of time recovering firewood this year.  This firewood is available to members for $125.00 per cord.  This is all hardwood.