Schuetzen Rifle Match

Schuetzen Rifle Match

August 8 & 9, 2015

Sign up starts 8:30 a.m., match starts 9:00 a.m.

The Schuetzen rifle match is a 2 day benchrest and/or offhand match for any single shot rifles (but NOT bolt action rifles). LEAD BULLETS ONLY – WITHOUT JACKETS OR GAS CHECKS.

Classes are available for 22 rimfire and centerfire rifles and will be further broken down into iron or scope sighted rifles, offhand and benchrest. Centerfire class may use black powder or smokeless powder. Classes are 22 rimfire at 50 yds and 100 yds and centerfire calibers at 100 yds and 200 yds. Benchrest classes are further broken down into score and group size.

Entry will be $10 per shooter which includes 4 targets. Additional targets are available for $1.00 each.

Please contact Pat Smith with questions or to pre-register:
Pat Smith, Schuetzenmeister
Phone (845) 635 – 8679