2015 July Info Items

  • We have a work party scheduled for this Saturday 7/11/15.  The big job will be recovering tree-length firewood that resulted from the new power line installation along route 44 and Flagg Hill road.  We started on this last week and recovered about ¼ of the available wood.  Bring gloves!  We will also need help setting up the Archery Range for a 3D shoot.  The shoot is on Sunday so we need to set up on Saturday.
  • The first part of a wind turbine tower is being shipped to the wind tower project on Flagg Hill (the wind tower property is adjacent to our property on Flagg Hill).  That delivery will contain the head of one turbine with a five state police escort.  The problem is that they do not know how they will get all the sections  up Flagg Hill.  Thus staging everything in E. Canaan.  All deliveries will be made in the middle of the night.
  • We will be going ahead with blasting and rock removal from the end of the Rifle Range so that the range can be lengthened.  The exact start date has not been set, but an August date is probable.  Excavation will be arranges to allow the Rifle Range to be open every weekend and any time that work is not being done.  There will be signs posted at the Rifle Range any time that the range is closed.  When we have a firm schedule, we will send an e-mail notice to all club members.
  • For those of us who bird hunt on Club property, there is a decent hunter safety video available.  Link is Wingshooting Safety – Bird Hunting Tip
  • Please read the range rules before using the Rifle Range!   There have been several instances where individuals were not following these rules.  Specific problems seen recently include:
    1. shooting at swinger or action targets other than Club-provided swingers.  Privately-owned targets need the OK of the RR chairman before they can be used.  This is necessary because of the arrangement of the backstops set into the rifle range.  Shooting at non-standard targets might not have adequate backstops in place.
    2. Shooting when the rifle range is closed.  Sometimes we have to close the Rifle Range.  Examples are when we have a Kid’s fishing derby, when pheasant hunting is in progress or when a 3D archery event is in progress.
    3. Rapid firing rifles.  Read the range rules.  Rapid fire (emptying a magazine quickly) is not allowed at the rifle range.  This is because we went all spent bullets to impact the berms that we set up.
    4. Shooting at targets placed closer than the 25 yard target holders.  We need to use the target holders that are set up at 25, 50, 75, 100, 150, 175 and 200 yards.  Each of these target holders have berms behind them that catch spent bullets.  Setting up special targets at different distances needs the OK from the RR chairman.
  • At the last Club Meeting, members were in agreement that those individuals who violate these rules should have their range privileges suspended.  We hope that this is not necessary.
  • For those fishing doing catch and release, please use barbless hooks.