2014 Club Championship

Club Championship – Sunday, September 7th 2014

The archery portion of the event starts promptly at 8am.

Archery, Rifle, Pistol & Trapshooting

Each event is worth 100 points

Course of fire is as follows:

Archery – 10 shots at various yardages from 20 thru 40 yards

Handgun – 10 shots standing at 25 yards-any sight

Rifle – 10 shots standing, kneeling or sitting at 100 yards-any sight

Trapshooting – 2 rounds (50 shots) at 16 yards

Awards to: Club Grand Champion winner
(Highest scores from all 4 events)
and *Club Champion winner
(Highest scores from 3 events)

*Champion may compete in all 4 events and drop lowest score or choose not to compete in one event.

Plan on going out to eat after the competition at a local restaurant.

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