NWCSA Summer IDPA Classifier

14:00 Sunday 11 Aug 2013 in the NWCSA Action Pistol bay.

$20 first entry, $10 second entries allowed as time permits after all participants have completed first entries.

You MUST be an active, classified IDPA, USPSA or ICORE competitor OR complete an NWCSA Action Pistol Safety Class to participate in this event.

If you are not an active, classified IDPA, USPSA or ICORE member (as evidenced by an active Classification status on the respective sport’s website), you MUST attend and pass the Action Pistol Safety class being held @ 12:00 Sunday 11 Aug at NWCSA.

The Safety class will be given by an experienced IDPA Safety Officer or USPSA Range Officer and cover basic safety aspects of Action Pistol competitions such as USPSA, IDPA and ICORE. To successfully complete the course, students must successfully pass a simple practical exercise where they will be required to safely draw from a holster; shoot while moving and perform reloads.

For more information, contact Craig @ buckland.ca@pg.com