Rifleman Course at NWCSA

Weds evenings, 6 pm on June 26th, July 10th & 24th, and August 7th

The Rifleman course will teach the fundamentals of field marksmanship including the steady hold factors, 6 steps to fire a shot, Natural Point of Aim (NPOA), etc.  Use of a sling, firing from various field positions, and other aspects will be covered.

Attendees will need a safe, functioning .22 rifle, magazines for said rifle, a sling, a mat to lie on, a pencil and notebook, and eye and ear protection.  Also bring a snack and something to drink.  Maybe some bug spray and sunblock to be safe.  Dress appropriate for conditions, long sleeves and full length pants recommended.

The class size will be set at 12 attendees and the cost will be $5 per night.  Registration at the rifle range at 5:45, class to start promptly at 6.   Any and all questions should be sent to tominct57@yahoo.com.  Pre-registration is recommended at the previous email address.  Please include Rifleman course in the subject line.