Lever Action Rifle Matches

May 26, June 30, Aug 25
Lever Action Rifle
Center fire Metallic Silhouette Match


Entry fee: $10.00
Refires $5.00 (no awards)

Course of Fire

Centerfire Rifles:
10 Chickens at 50 yards

10 Pigs at 100 yards
10 Rams at 150 Yards

.22 Caliber Rimfire Rifles:
10 Chickens at 25 yards

10 Pigs at 50 yards
10 Rams at 100 Yards

The match will be open to .22 LR rimfire and any centerfire lever action rifle with iron sights or scopes (separate divisions).  All shooters will fire from an unsupported standing position.

Ammunition allowed:
Pistol cartridges, centerfire (straight wall including 357, 32-20, 38-40, 44-40, 44 Spl/Magnum, 45 Colt etc) cast lead (recommended) or jacketed

Rifle cartridges, centerfire cast lead or jacketed with velocity of 2,200 fps or less (no .308 FMJ)

Directions to Northwest CT Sportsman’s Association:
From Winsted center, take Rt. 44 west towards Norfolk. From the intersection of Rt. 183 & Rt. 44 travel 4.7 miles. The gate to the club grounds is on the left directly across from Rockhall Road. If you see the town of Norfolk sign, you just passed the entrance.

From Norfolk center, take Rt. 44 east towards Winsted. Travel for 3.5 miles. Look for the town of Colebrook sign. The gate to the club grounds is on the right directly across from Rockhall Road.