Military Rifle Match

There will be a military rifle shoot held at NWCSA inColebrook Sat, August 20th at 2pm. The shoot will be open to any standard gradeservice rifle, semi or bolt. All firing will be at 200 yards, the first half onthe SR target, similar tom a CMP match and the 2nd half on D silhouettes andreductions to simulate ranges out to 400 yards, similar to the 1st, 2nd and 3rdstages of an AQT from Appleseed.

Equipment needed is a standard, non match military rifle of any countrywith 3 mags or several stripper clips, a sling, mat, eye and ear protection and70 rounds of ammo. No lasers or bipods. The shooters will be required to scoreand repair targets.

The safety briefing will start at 2pm, and everyone will be required toattend it before the shoot. The cost is $10 US American dollars, a steal inthis day and age .

Space is limited and pre reg is recommended. Contact me to register or if you have questions.