Announcing the Northwest Connecticut IDPA Challenge

Current scores.

Side match scores.

This is an IDPA-sanctioned major match. Competitors must be current IDPA members and be classified to register and compete in this match.   If you are not a current IDPA member and classified you can not compete.   Please go to the International Defensive Pistol Association website to learn what the IDPA is and how you can participate.  The IDPA rule book, which this match is running under is here.

2011 Northwest Connecticut IDPA Challenge @ the Northwest Connecticut Sportsmen’s Association

(8) stages consisting of all the IDPA Classifier COFs (90 rounds) and an additional 10 round stage, total round count = 100
Entry fee = $15
A single (8) person squad will be run every Monday evening, 18:00 – 20:00, 20 and 27 June, 11 July – 22 August 2011

***You only shoot 1 night, you are not required to come every night.***  Each monday night a new squad runs.  You are welcome to shoot multiple nights but you must shoot a different division.

Advanced registration, payment and sign-up is required (see Contact details).

Awards will be distributed by the Division and Classification listed at registration per the current IDPA rulebook.
All IDPA Classifier scores (including the side match scores – see below) will be entered into the IDPA on-line database after 22 August 2011
Trophies will be personalized and include High Lady, High Senior, High Industry, High Law Enforcement and Most Accurate.

Shoot a sanctioned major match, earn points for next year’s World Shoot and get your yearly classification completed in just a few hours – all for just $15!

But wait – there’s more….

NWCSA IDPA 2-Gun Challenge Side Match – shoot the IDPA Classifier in a different Division the same night for just $10 as space and time permit.

Side match awards will include:

High Overall – combination of any 2 Divisions’ Classifier Scores
High Semi-Automatic – combination of any 2: ESP, SSP, CDP Classifier scores
High Revolver – combination of ESR+SSR Classifier scores,
High Major Power – combination of ESR + CDP Classifier scores.

Contact: Brooke Cheney @ or 860-605-9034 to register or for more details.

See you there!