Official CMP John C. Garand / Springfield / Vintage Military Rifle Match

Match Bulletin

Date / Time: July 25, 2010.  Registration begins at 8:15, firing starts at 9:00 AM

Location: Northwest Connecticut Sportsmen’s Association (NWCSA), Colebrook, CT.

Directions: Available on the club web site,

Course of fire: As-Issued Military Rifle Match Course A at 200 yards on SR Target:

  • 5 sighting shots, any position, 5 minutes;
  • 10 shots, prone slow fire, 10 minutes;
  • 10 shots, prone from standing rapid fire, 70 seconds (Garands) or 80 seconds (bolt actions);
  • 10 shots, standing slow fire, 10 minutes.

Competitors must bring at least one stripper clip for their bolt action rifle(s) and two clips for their Garand.  The club range does not have target pits, so scoring will be done between stages after five sighters or ten scoring shots have been fired.  Competitors should bring pasters and a suitable spotting scope for locating their shots.

Match Fee: First entry (one relay) is $10 for members and juniors, $15 for non-members.  Re-entry for one or two additional relays is $5 per relay.  Shooters may fire up to three relays, provided they shoot each relay with different rifles from each of the three classes.  Competitors who are not members of NWCSA will be required to sign an affidavit and liability release prior to competing in the match.

Ammunition: Shooters must provide their own safe ammunition.

Squadding: There will be at least three relays, with a maximum of 12 shooters per relay. Rifles from any type may be fired in any relay.  Two separate rapid-fire strings will be run back-to-back in each relay: a 70-second string for Garands and an 80-second string for all bolt-action rifles.

Firearms Allowed: Rifles must be “as-issued” and comply with CMP rules which can be found at .  In general, as-issued rifles must have standard stock and sights, and are not allowed to have:  National Match parts; shims or glass bedding; non-standard calibers; special purpose sniping or target sights; or non-standard parts.  Minimum trigger weights are 4.5 lbs for the Garand, M1917 and Krag, and 3.5 lbs for Springfields and foreign military rifles.  The following are excerpts from the CMP rules regarding allowable rifles – competitors should consult the CMP Rules for full details.

M1 Garand: The rifle must be a Caliber .30 U. S. M1 Garand rifle in as-issued condition that was issued by the U.S. Armed Forces. A Caliber .30 M1941 Johnson rifle or a U.S. Carbine Caliber .30 M1 may be fired in matches designated for M1 Garand rifles. Unlimited Garands (NM, accurized, cal. 7.62 NATO, or commercial M1 rifles) may also be fired, but will not be eligible for awards.

M1903 Springfield: All rifles used in Springfield Rifle Matches must be caliber .30 U. S. Model 1903 or U. S. Model M1903A3 Springfield rifles. The rifle must be a standard issue service rifle that was issued by the U.S.  Armed Forces and be in as-issued condition. Springfield rifles manufactured by Springfield Armory with serial numbers of 810,000 or lower or by Rock Island Arsenal with serial numbers of 285,506 or lower may not be used in any CMP-sanctioned competition.

Vintage Military Rifle Match: All rifles used in Vintage Military Rifle Matches must be as-issued U. S. Model 1917 rifles or U. S. Krag rifles, or a rifle in as-issued condition that was issued by the Armed Forces of a country other than the U. S.  Examples of foreign military rifles include Mausers, Enfields and Moisin-Nagants. All as-issued foreign military rifles must be manually operated bolt-action or straight-pull rifles. Semi-automatic or fully automatic rifles are not permitted.

Empty Chamber Indicators (ECIs): The use of ECIs will be required for all competitors.  Empty Chamber Indicators (ECIs) must be placed in all rifles when they are brought onto a range. ECIs must remain in the rifles at all times, except during preparation and firing periods.  NWCSA has loaner ECIs available at the range.

Sharing Firearms: Two or more competitors may use the same firearm in a match if squadding


No Alibis or Refires: All CMP Matches are no-alibi events. There are no refires for rifle or ammunition malfunctions. Competitors may attempt to clear malfunctions and continue firing, provided they handle their firearms in a safe manner while clearing their firearms.

Awards: Plaques will be awarded for first and second place in each of the three rifle classes.  CMP certificates will be presented to all competitors.  Gold, silver and bronze CMP pins (replicas of the medals awarded at Camp Perry) will be awarded to shooters who score within the following CMP-established score ranges:

Pins: Garand & Springfield Match Course A Pins: Vintage Rifle Match Course A
Gold: 276 and above Gold: 276 and above
Silver: 269 -275 Silver: 267 -275
Bronze: 258 -268 Bronze: 254 -266

Note: These scores are for 2009 – score brackets for 2010 may be revised from those shown above.

For additional information contact:

Dave Ressel