Dave Ressel at Camp Perry

Recently one of our members , Dave Ressel of Torrington competed at the National Matches at Camp Perry.
He place second in the Springfield Rifle Match with an aggregate score of 291 with 11 “X”s.
He was just edge out of first place by Christopher Hudock with a score of 293 and 6 “X’s

Dave reported that he had a so-so week at Camp Perry overall, but everything clicked for the Springfield match. He said “I cleaned the rapid fire stage, which I’ve never managed to do in competition with my AR. I was in first place after the first day, but a hot shooting junior topped my score the second day. I had my best standing stage of the week with the M1 Garand — I’m thinking maybe I should go back to shooting those old WWII rifles in more matches…

This makes it the second time one of our members has done so well at Camp Perry. Ryan Castonquy won the inaugural M1A Match two yrs ago.

Congratulations to Dave on his 2nd place finish. Well done!